The Swiss recipe for guilt-free indulgence.

Yes, we’re Swiss and we love our cows, but we believe that great chocolate can be produced without harming animals or the environment. Sustainable and honest. We’ve chosen only the best certified organic and fair-produced ingredients. 100% vegan, 100% organic, 100% delicious, 100% Swiss.

No moo: Milk has been an important ingredient in traditional Swiss chocolate. But now it is time to give our horned, methane emitting friends a break - and we think it is utterly inappropriate to touch cows' private parts anyway.

Our promise.

The secret to making chocolate that is good for you largely lies in what we leave out of our premium chocolate. Other chocolate brands may use cheap fillers such as food starch and add artificial flavoring to compensate for poor quality ingredients. Here’s our promise: we will never compromise on our ingredients.  

Wait, there's more!
All our ingredients are certified organic and sourced from ethical suppliers. Grown without antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO technology. We pay a lot of attention to sourcing only the best raw materials for our chocolate to offer a product of outstanding quality, pureness and incredible taste.

Goodness for you

Peter Who?

Remember the story of Heidi and her adventures when growing up in the Swiss Alps?

Well, she is now so famous, she even has her own chocolate brand and theme park in Switzerland. But does anyone remember her loyal sidekick, Peter? 

‘Peter who?’ you ask. No, he is not the guy who invented chocolate, even though this was supposedly a Swiss guy as well.

Most people have never heard of our Peter. So, we thought it time he enters the limelight and gets a chocolate brand of his own, representing a new plant-based Swiss chocolate-making tradition. Go Peter! 

The story
so far.

Can you imagine Swiss people not loving chocolate? Well, neither can we. 

We’re a bunch of Swiss chocolate enthusiasts, always eager to try new premium Swiss chocolate ourselves. But what frustrated us was the lack of premium VEGAN chocolate alternatives and lack of transparency within the industry. 

So, in a moment of pure chocolate frustration, we decided to make our own. The way we want it. After all, we are Swiss, so chocolate making must surely be in our genes, right? Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems. As the new kid on the block in the industry, we had to overcome quite a few challenges, but we persevered. 

After months of experimenting with recipes and high quality vegan ingredients, we are proud to present our first product: Our Vegan Salted Caramel chocolate. 

And we dare say, we love it!