From Great Beans to Great Chocolate

Swiss Time.

The secret to great Swiss chocolate making has always been sheer dedication to absolute perfection. At Peter Who? we are partnering with the master-chocolatiers at Felchlin to continue this tradition, and taking our time to create our chocolate. A lot of time. Like, we need multiple Swiss watches to measure it.

Roasting Secrets.

Our beans are slowly and gently roasted in small batches. Roasting time and temperature are strictly controlled to bring out the distinctive aromas. Of course, as you would expect from the Swiss, exact roasting time and temperature are top secret and will never be disclosed.

Science Friction.

Traditional conching releases even more hidden flavors through hours of friction and airing. It takes days of conching for our chocolates to bring out the characteristics of our recipe and create that melt-in-your-mouth trademark property of Swiss chocolate. Others take a few hours to make their chocolate. We take days. Crazy, right? But, you can taste the difference.

Feel like tasting some chocolate right now?